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Getting Email Support For Queries & It’s not up to The Mark? Start Ticketing

Email isn’t meant to provide tech support At ConJoin, we take a different approach to tech support; Track >> Prioritize >> Solve! Our window tracks the issues that need to be addressed as tickets, arrange them on the basis of priority, and assign to the respective teams to provide an effective solution. 

Here’s how our ticketing window makes tech support easier than ever:

  • Assigning ownership to individuals: Using tickets to assign queries to individuals in the team. That person will take the sole responsibility for addressing those queries and will be the point of contact for its course of action.
  • Prioritizing the Queries: Prioritizing the queries based on their urgency that is divided into four categories – Need Immediate Action, Top Priority, Medium, and Low.
  • Setting deadlines for the completion of tasks: Setting a certain deadline to solve queries.